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Duckhams launches rebranding initiative in Malaysia, Singapore

Duckhams launches rebranding initiative in Malaysia, Singapore
Photo courtesy of Duckhams

Duckhams announced its rebranding and repackaging of its lubricant products in Malaysia and Singapore to align its regional presence with its overall global positioning. As a lubricant brand, Duckhams has had a celebrated history not just within Malaysia, but also in neighbouring Singapore since the 1980s.

“This brand refresh by Duckhams in the ASEAN region will help blend the brand’s great legacy with today’s customer and consumer needs. We believe this will give the brand a tremendous facelift in the region and enable the brand to appeal to a new set of younger audiences who have entered the market in the last 10 years,” said Jabir Sheth, chairman of Duckhams.

Duckhams has been a leading lubricants technology brand for most of the 20th and 21st centuries. Founded in 1899 by British chemist Alexander Duckham, the history of Duckhams oils includes pioneering engineering developments in aviation, breaking land speed records and a prestigious motorsport heritage — over the years. British energy major bp acquired Duckhams in 1969, and then sold the iconic lubricant brand in 2011. bp sold the Duckhams brand, together with the Veedol brand, to focus on its core Castrol* and bp lubricant brands. The sale included global rights to a wide portfolio of registered trademarks for the master brand, as well as the associated product sub-brands and iconic logos.

“Duckhams will continue with this journey of contemporizing the brand to reaffirm their commitment to clients as a trusted and reliable company in the region,” Sheth said.

Last year, Duckhams re-entered Pakistan, appointing Energia Pvt. Ltd. as its exclusive licensee. Energia Pvt. Ltd. is a new company that was formed to manufacture, import and distribute high-quality petroleum products in Pakistan. 

*bp acquired Castrol in 2002.