Duckhams Oils expands market to 27 countries after UK relaunch
Photo courtesy of Duckhams Oils

Duckhams Oils expands market to 27 countries after UK relaunch

Duckhams, the quintessential British motor oil brand, is celebrating a significant milestone in its global expansion journey. Over the past year, the brand has successfully doubled its international presence and is now available in 27 countries across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Under new ownership, Duckhams experienced a resurgence with a successful UK relaunch in 2017, featuring new packaging and branding. This rejuvenation marked the beginning of an ambitious global expansion. By 2020, Duckhams had already established a presence in several markets in Asia and the Middle East, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the UAE, and Jordan. The past three years have seen a rapid expansion, with the brand’s network growing from 13 countries at the end of 2022 to 27 by the close of 2023. Recent notable launches include Ireland, Germany, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Cyprus, Malta, Oman, Qatar, Taiwan, and Kuwait.

Modern product range and motorsports legacy

Supporting its global rollout, Duckhams introduced a new range of high-quality modern passenger car motor oils alongside its classic car and commercial vehicle products. The brand also returned to motorsports sponsorship, continuing a victorious legacy spanning over 50 years in F1, Formula Ford, World Rally Championships, and motorcycle racing. In 2021, Duckhams-sponsored driver Dan Cammish won the Porsche Carrera Cup GB, and in 2023, Adam Smalley clinched the Porsche Carrera Cup GB Champion’s trophy. Additionally, Duckhams triumphed in the OR BRIC Superbike 2023 championship in Thailand.

Vision for the future

Jabir Sheth, chairman of Duckhams, expressed his enthusiasm for the brand’s future. “As we enter our 125th anniversary year, we will continue to innovate and extend Duckhams’ reach to new global markets. Duckhams is an iconic, well-loved brand, and I am delighted to see it winning on a worldwide stage.”

Founded in 1899 by Alexander Duckham, Duckhams has a storied history of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. The company pioneered the development of process oils in the 1920s to reduce carbon deposits and introduced the first synchromesh gear oil in the 1930s. A landmark achievement came in 1951 when Duckhams launched Europe’s first multi-grade oil, revolutionising lubrication technology. BP (British Petroleum) acquired the Duckhams brand in 1981 and then sold it in the early 2000s.