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Emad Energy chooses Inatech to integrate worldwide operations

Emad Energy has chosen Inatech’s Techoil oil commodity management solution to help it expand into new markets and scale up its operations. 

Geneva, Switzerland-based Emad Energy is using Techoil to implement an energy trading and risk management (ETRM) system that can support current activities and scale with its growth. Emad Energy provides tailor-made solutions to its oil-distributing customers by maintaining close links to oil majors and refining companies, which guarantees access at any time to crude, fuel oil and feedstocks. Looking ahead, the company will use Techoil to support its key development goals, including its heavily growing trading activity.

Techoil was developed by Inatech, a unit of Glencore, as the only dedicated cloud-based oil trading software on the market. The system was designed to be easy to configure, with quick training and a reporting engine that is very flexible and powerful. It enables companies like Emad Energy to unify all of their activities on one platform.

The Emad Energy team had experience with various ETRM solutions and was immediately comfortable with Techoil’s user-oriented set-up. Despite the difficulties posed by the coronavirus pandemic, the Techoil system was installed for Emad Energy remotely in under four weeks. The socially-distanced approach to implementation reflects the way in which flexible ETRM systems such as Techoil enable full team access while working remotely. Techoil’s modular structure allows for enterprise resource planning (ERP) functionality to be added in the future.

“This agreement with Emad Energy shows how Techoil can play a fundamental role at the heart of a company’s operations and planning,” said Jean-Hervé Jenn, CEO of Inatech. “I look forward to our partnership with this dynamic new company developing in the years ahead, based on our shared purpose and values.”

About Inatech

Inatech is a leading global provider of intelligent cloud-based energy trading risk management (ETRM) and fuel management software to the physical oil trading and marine industries. Part of Glencore’s oil division, Inatech combines best-of-breed cloud technologies with in-depth industry expertise to enable companies to integrate, automate and optimize business processes, driving efficiency and revenue growth. Inatech’s customers benefit from an international delivery model that provides the competitive edge needed to thrive in today’s dynamic markets. For more information, visit www.inatech.com.

About Emad Energy

Emad Energy was founded in 2018 and is underpinned by the experience of its shareholders working many years for oil majors and trading companies. It was established in Geneva, as the most important hub for the European market. For more information, visit www.emadenergy.com.