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Eurol introduces specialty racing lubricants line

UK-based independent lubricant manufacturer Eurol has introduced a specialty racing lubricants line with boundary-pushing wear protection and performance-improvement properties. 

The Eurol Specialty Racing line consists of 0W-40 and 10W-60 engine oils, 75W-90 and 75W-140 transmission oils, ATF oil, brake fluid, and CV Joint grease, all of which are available in a number of different types of packaging.

โ€˜We began developing Eurol Specialty lubricants in 2015 with the aim of turning years of expertise into the best lubricant solutions for customers,โ€ said  Bart van Hoorn, business manager, Eurol Specialty Lubricants.

โ€œWe have applied our unique SYNGIS Technology to lubricants for racing and rally. The results are astonishing. Data from various racing teams indicate that Eurol Specialty racing products provide significantly reduced operating temperatures, more power, and higher speeds compared with lubricants from other racing brands. Through the reduction of wear, by up to 80% in some cases, the service life of equipment is extended, which is of tremendous importance in an endurance race such as a 24-hour race or the Dakar Rally. Eurol Specialty racing products increase the likelihood of reaching the finish line without suffering mechanical problems. A further advantage is that parts last longer, helping to reduce overall costs,โ€ he added.

Leading racing teamsโ€”including TOYOTA GAZOO Racing, Overdrive Racing, Comtoyou Racing, MKR Technology, Coronel Dakar Team, and APP Racingโ€”were involved in the development,  van Hoorn said.