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George Wilson honored with top annual award from key ASTM International committee

W. CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa., June 2, 2019 — ASTM International’s committee on petroleum products, liquid fuels, and lubricants (D02) presented its top annual award – the Award of Merit – to George R. Wilson, principal scientist at the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas, USA. The prestigious award, which includes the accompanying title of fellow, is ASTM’s highest recognition for individual contributions to developing standards.

The committee honored Wilson for his outstanding leadership and contributions towards improvements within the aviation fuels and lubricants marketplace for consumers, and in the overall development of the committee. He has also been awarded the Award of Excellence (2001), the Award of Appreciation (2007), and the Eagle Award (2014). Wilson offers valuable expertise and dedication to thecommittee, and is known for taking great pride in its successes.

An ASTM International member since 1982, Wilson has held his current position since 2012, having previously held positions at Witco Chemical, ARCO Performance Chemicals, Alcor, and the Southwest Research Institute. He holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Houston in Texas, USA.

In addition to ASTM International, Wilson is a member of the UK Ministry of Defense Aviation Fuel Committee, the Coordinating Research Council, and the International Association for Stability, Handling, and Use of Liquid Fuels.


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