GRC, DCV unveil immersion cooling in the Middle East
Photo courtesy of Green Revolution Cooling

GRC, DCV unveil immersion cooling in the Middle East

A groundbreaking partnership has been announced between Green Revolution Cooling (GRC), DCV Industries, and Dell Technologies to introduce next-generation immersion-cooled data centers in the Middle East. This collaboration promises a significant reduction in data center build, maintenance, and power costs compared to traditional air-cooled facilities.

The alliance combines GRCโ€™s patented single-phase immersion cooling technology, DCVโ€™s robust containerised data center enclosures, and Dellโ€™s high-density server technologies. It aims to address the escalating demand for energy efficiency and sustainability amidst the regionโ€™s digital transformation.

Immersion cooling technology is emerging as a pivotal solution to the challenges of conventional data center cooling, which can account for up to 40% of total energy usage. By submerging IT equipment in a protective dielectric fluid, this innovative approach not only ensures optimal performance but also significantly reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Walid Yehia, managing director, UAE at Dell Technologies, emphasised the urgency of adopting sustainable and cost-efficient practices in the face of increasing data volumes. The collaboration with GRC and DCV is poised to empower businesses with enhanced data center capacity, utilising cutting-edge cooling technology.

The Middle East, characterised by its harsh environment and soaring temperatures, stands to benefit immensely from this development. The immersion cooling technology offers protection against environmental contaminants, static, dust, and condensation, marking it as a fitting solution for the regionโ€™s specific challenges.