Gulf Oil Philippines launches new motor oil product range
Photo courtesy of Gulf Oil Philippines

Gulf Oil Philippines launches new motor oil product range

Gulf Oil Philippines Inc. (GOPI) recently announced a new motor oil product portfolio designed to deliver a consistent customer value proposition (CVP) across all markets for both their motorcycle and automotive segment.  The new motor oil product range is based on Gulf’s breakthrough ThermoShield and Wear-Guard technologies, designed for modern cars and the race-ready formula for motorcycles. 

Gulf introduced their new product range at their 25th anniversary celebration last May 12 at the Seda hotel BGC in Taguig, City, Philippines.  The event featured a display of the new product portfolio including the new Gulf Formula Elite and the Gulf Syntrac 4T.

Modern cars have evolved rapidly with higher efficiency and more compact engines. Their engines need more power than ever before. Gulf Formula and Gulf Formula Elite, Gulf’s advanced synthetic oils with ThermoShield technology, are designed for the high-performance cars of the future. Gulf Formula Elite is also the first fill lubricant in all McLaren Automotive supercars and hypercars.

A race-ready formula for high-performance superbikes, Gulf Syntrac is formulated to help motorcycles withstand the rigors of race-like conditions. This advanced full synthetic oil contains next-generation additives and superior base stocks, which help to protect your engine against deposits that impair performance. Gulf Syntrac’s superior protective qualities keep a robust oil film on vital gear and engine components, helping to prevent clutch slippage, and ensuring continuous performance in high load, high-temperature and high-speed conditions.

“Our brand is proud of its heritage as we have been in the industry for 122 years, Still, we are always forward thinking, and we don’t stop innovating. Expect from us to continuously introduce world-class products that meet market demands. Our team designs and formulates these products to exceed industry standards bringing more value to our distributors and consumers,”  Michael Alfred Francisco, Gulf Oil Philippines Inc, general manager, said.

“The launch of the new range coincides with our 25th year anniversary in the Philippines, and it is just fitting that during this time of celebration, we strengthened our long-standing commitment to understanding and delivering the best quality products in the market,” Francisco said.

The new motor oil product range will be available on the shelves and Gulf Bikestops and Carstops all over the Philippines in the coming weeks.

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