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Haldor Topsoe changes its organization to support new vision

Topsoe’s new organisation is designed to optimally drive the realisation of the company’s vision to be recognised as the global leader in carbon emission reduction technologies by 2024.

Customer needs are at the center of the change, as it will secure a strong commercial set-up, highly effective production, and world-class innovation in order to efficiently deliver the technologies demanded by the market.

The refocusing of the organisation makes approximately 200 people redundant.

“We have designed an organisation with a clear focus on accelerating the development of carbon-neutral technologies, and it will be funded by continued delivery of Topsoe’s globally leading solutions for energy-efficient production of conventional fuels and chemicals. This transformation has a very strong foundation in our exceptional R&D capabilities, world-leading technologies, and a longstanding dedication to making a positive difference in the world by perfecting chemistry,” says Roeland Baan, CEO of Haldor Topsoe.

Many employees will get new responsibilities as departments and business areas are refocused to deliver on the vision. And approximately 200 people will be made redundant.

“It is never easy to let talented employees go. I want to thank them all for being part of making Topsoe a success,” says Baan.

“With our new organisation in place, I am confident that Topsoe has come closer to taking a decisive role globally. The world is at a climate crossroads, and Topsoe delivers technologies that target some of the most pressing challenges. Now, we have taken the first step on a very ambitious journey defined by our new vision, and we have what it takes to reach our goal,” says Baan.

The new organisation will be effective from November 1, 2020.