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Infineum B201: formulated to help meet the IMO 2020 challenge

Infineum B201 is a fuels additive package developed to provide onboard operating benefits in two critical areas: fuel stability and compatibility. In addition, it also has unrivalled ability to positively influence all the tests mentioned in CIMACs PAS document.

Infineum B201 exceeded performance requirements in laboratory tests, but Infineum believes it is critical to also demonstrate real-world field-proven performance. Therefore, in partnership with a major international oil company, Infineum conducted a recent field trial to validate the unique ability of the additive package to stabilise TSP and prevent instability of a very low sulphur fuel oil (VLSFO) blend on board ship (with no harms), as well as broadening the fuel blending window for subsequent stable and compatible VLSFO fuel blends.

Steve Benwell, Global Fuels Venture Manager, explains the challenge โ€œOne of the major routes for VLSFO production to meet IMO 2020 legislation is the blending of high sulphur residual streams (aromatic) with low sulphur distillate streams (paraffinic) to produce compliant fuels. However, this comes with risk as asphaltene-containing aromatic streams tend to be incompatible with paraffinic components and can result in asphaltene drop out which can significantly hinder ship operating conditions, or in severe cases cause engine failure. Weโ€™re delighted that Infineum B201 demonstrated field-proven solutions to the problems facing the shipping industry in light of the new very low sulphur future.โ€

The marine fuels landscape is rapidly changing, visit Marine Fuel Additives to learn more about this recent field trial and Infineumโ€™s capabilities to help the shipping industry meet IMO 2020 legislation.

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