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Institute of Materials launches 2017 engine oil database

The Institute of Materials (IOM) online database provides the lubricant industry with unprecedented access to engine oil data available by geographic region or as a custom configured dataset. The 2017 engine oil database is now available online.

As engines are rapidly changing in design so, too, are engine oils. The demands placed on today’s oils far surpass the demands of little more than a decade ago. In many cases, oil manufacturers rise to meet the challenge of evolving technology, providing the motorized world with products of engineering ingenuity. In other cases, oils fall short of expectations and requirements. Ā Norm Kanar, Marketing & Sales Manager for Institute of Materials, explains, ā€œAccess to IOM data can assist savvy marketers and researchers appraise the present quality and dependability of marketed oils to meet the rapidly growing needs of modern engines.ā€

The IOM engine oil data has numerous uses including ā€“ comparing crucial competitor properties, auditing blend consistency, monitoring formulation changes, assessing oil quality in the marketplace, discovering trends in technology, and using the data for technical or marketing presentations. Multiple devices such as phones and tablets can be used to access and order IOM data from across the globe.

New features and benefits include:

  • Increased collection of low viscosity oils such as 0W16, 0W20, and 5W20
  • Additional emphasis on collecting heavy duty diesel engine oils
  • More local market brands collected and analyzed
  • Third year that our Africa region is available with numerous oils from South Africa

The IOM website, InstituteofMaterials.com, allows 24/7 access to browse thousands of engine oils collected from the marketplace with each oil tested according to a test matrix of over 30 industry standard tests. Data sets collected from the Americas, Asia-Pacific (including Australia and India), Africa, and European regions for any year back to 2005 can be purchased online as Regional Databases. The IOM database website can also be used to purchase Custom Datasets that can be filtered by year, brand name, supplier, SAE Grade, service class, oil type (mineral or synthetic), engine type (gasoline or diesel), country, or region. With the advanced Analysis Tool features, subscribers can search oils applying detailed search criteria and generate graphical comparisons in an attractive professional format.Ā For more information or to arrange a demonstration, contact us at [email protected].

About Institute of Materials
Founded in 1984 in Midland, Michigan USA, the Institute of Materials (IOM) provides reliable and unbiased data on the physical, chemical and performance associated characteristics of oil obtained from the worldwide marketplace. IOM is a privately held company. Sister companies include King Refrigeration, Tannas Co. and Savant Labs, all of which are members of the Savant Group of companies.

The Savant Group is comprised of four individual companies: Savant Labs, Tannas Co., King Refrigeration, Inc., and the Institute of Materials (IOM). All four Savant Group companies areĀ ISO 9001:2015 certifiedĀ and actively participate in industryĀ organizations involved with the advancement and quality control of lubrication such as theĀ ASTM, ALMU, ATIEL, SAE,Ā ILSAC, STLE, ILMA, EIĀ and CEC. The service and expertise provided by the Savant Group enables customers to evaluate the performance of new blends of oils, lubricants, fuels and related products to meet the challenging industry and OEM specifications, quality control monitoring, and development of new test methods.