Interocean boosts Sinopec Lubricants reach in Sri Lanka
Photo courtesy of Interocean Lubricants

Interocean boosts Sinopec Lubricants reach in Sri Lanka

Interocean Lubricants, the exclusive distributor of Sinopec lubricants across Sri Lanka, Maldives and India, has announced the launch of an expanded distribution network in Jaffna, Sri Lanka.

The expansion was marked by an event at North Gate Hotel attended by Interocean and Sinopec executives alongside regional stakeholders and government representatives.

Interocean aims to leverage the partnership with Chinese energy giant Sinopec to provide its branded lubricants to even more customers nationally. The Jaffna expansion specifically serves northern Sri Lankan regions.

Jaffna District, which includes the city of Jaffna, covers an area of approximately 1,025 square kilometers (396 square miles), with a population of around 583,000 people. Jaffna's economy traditionally revolves around agriculture, fishing, and commerce. The region is known for its production of farm products like grapes, mangoes, and tobacco. Jaffna also has a growing service sector, including banking, finance, and tourism, contributing to its economic output.

"Reaching every corner of the country shows our commitment to delivering solutions that optimise vehicle performance," said Interocean Director-CEO Jayashantha Thotahewage.

The company offers Sinopec's Justar passenger vehicle oils, Tulux commercial lubricants and motorcycle, industrial and speciality oils. Jaffna joins more than 20 Interocean distributors covering other Sri Lankan provinces currently.

Interocean said the timely Jaffna move builds on existing distribution milestones, underscoring its pledge to keep strengthening access to Sinopec's lubricant portfolio countrywide.

The population of Sri Lanka is estimated to be approximately 22 million people. As of 2022, Sri Lanka's per capita gross domestic product (GDP) was estimated to be around USD3,800, according to the World Bank.