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LIQUI MOLY strengthens workforce

Liqui Moly
José Cruz (left), with Matthias Bleicher (center), and Borja Sanchez-Laulhé.

Germany’s most popular brand for motor oils and additives is demonstrating its strength and staying power. 

“As an exporter to 150 countries, we are also suffering from the global pandemic. But this is no reason to give up,” says Ernst Prost, Managing Director of LIQUI MOLY. Quite the contrary, “We are taking advantage of this crisis and are pulling together with full force. The crisis is too huge to allow it to pass unused,” Prost says.

This year, the lubricant specialist has attracted a lot of attention because of its countercyclical approach. The medium-sized company is fighting the crisis with television and radio spots as well as print and online campaigns. For this purpose, the marketing budget was almost doubled. On top of that, the company donated almost EUR6 million (USD7 million) worth of products to rescue and relief forces around the world. “Now is our chance to pull the rug out from under the other oil companies. They hide away and dismiss people. But we really step on the gas,” Prost says.

“In order to master all this, we need a strong team. That’s why we are pleased to hire new employees. You have to consider that, despite the crisis, we are still seeing an increase in sales, even though there has been a massive decline in global oil and fuel consumption. That’s an incredible achievement,” saysProst enthusiastically. The company will welcome the 100th and 101st new employees this year on 1 December 2020.

The number 100 this year, José Cruz (business development executive), as well as the number 101, Borja Sanchez-Laulhé (technical sales executive), will support the team at LIQUI MOLY Iberia in Spain, the subsidiary for the countries Spain and Portugal. 

Matthias Bleicher, general director of LIQUI MOLY Iberia, is confident. “I am sure that, with both employees, we have been able to attract excellent people whose experience and commitment are a perfect fit for us. Together, we will do our best for the entire company and our customers.”

LIQUI MOLY now has 990 employees. “The 1,000 mark is within reach,” says Prost.


With around 4,000 items, LIQUI MOLY offers a global, uniquely broad range of automotive chemicals: Motor oils and additives, greases and pastes, sprays and car care, glues and sealants. Founded in 1957, LIQUI MOLY develops and produces exclusively in Germany. The company sells its products in more than 150 countries and generated EUR569 million (USD680 million) in sales in 2019.