Lummus Technology starts up CDTaee® Bio-ethers unit in Greece

Lummus Technology today announced the successful start-up of its CDTaee unit for Hellenic Petroleum’s refinery in Aspropyrgos, Greece. For this start-up, the existing CDTame® unit was revamped to the latest generation of CDTaee technology for bio-ethers production. The new CDTaee unit will not only help Hellenic meet its biofuel requirements in Greece, but also resolve blending constraints and produce a high-octane gasoline-blending component, TAEE (Tertiary Amyl Ethyl Ether). Hellenic Petroleum has now started to use the TAEE product in their gasoline blends that it sells in their respective markets. 

“The start-up of our latest generation CDTaee technology is an excellent example of how Lummus offers innovative sustainability solutions to our customers,” said Leon de Bruyn, President and Chief Executive Officer of Lummus Technology. “We help our customers such as Hellenic Petroleum produce cleaner fuels that are more efficient and perform at a higher level to meet stringent environmental standards.”

The latest generation of the CDTaee process is part of Lummus’ etherification technology portfolio, where the company has a leading position with over 140 references. In the CDTaee process, TAEE is formed by the reaction of isoamylenes, which are present in light FCC naphtha, with bio-ethanol. The CDTaee process is unique in that extremely high isoamylene conversion can be achieved through a proven, novel process design.

About Lummus Technology

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