Lodexol FR-X 1L Lodexol MTF 75W-80 1LA leading British oil blender has further expanded its huge automotive range by releasing two new high performance gear oils.

Morris Lubricants has created two new products, both carefully designed to save fuel and improve performance, to be used in top marques including BMW and Ford.

The new releases are the Lodexol MTF 75W-80 and the Lodexol FR-X.

The products have been created by Morris Lubricants’ team of scientists at the firm’s laboratories at headquarters in Shrewsbury. Each one is put through an extensive series of tests to ensure they are of the highest quality.

Experts at Morris Lubricants reiterated the importance of using the right oil in each vehicle. Along with vehicle design, choice of fuel and driving techniques, selecting the right oil can play an important role in improving vehicle fuel efficiency.

Lodexol MTF 75W-80

The Lodexol MTF 75W-80 is a high performance gear oil for automotive gearboxes, developed to perform under extreme pressure.

It has been produced to have outstanding cold start fluidity, ensuring fast circulation around gear systems, even at low temperatures.

This means gear selection will be problem-free, even when the gearbox is cold. Lodexol also has high temperature stability, which offers protection under prolonged, demanding operation. The oil will also ensure that all components, including bearings, are rust and corrosion free.

The Lodexol MTF 75W-80 can be used in manual, automated manual and semi-automatic gearboxes in a variety of marques, including BMW, Ford, Honda, Volkswagen and Volvo.

Lodexol FR-X

Fuel savings are at the heart of the Lodexol FR-X specialised transmission fluid, which has been developed to have excellent cold start fluidity, improving the economy of the vehicle. It also has exceptional high temperature stability, protecting the gears even at high speed or when the vehicle has a heavy load.

It has been designed for use in manual gearboxes in Peugeot and Citroën cars.

Morris Lubricants sells more than 800 products, each tweaked and perfected for specific engines and cars.

Morris Lubricants automotive product manager Adrian Hill said it was vital to educate motorists about using the right oil in each vehicle.

He said: “People get in the habit of buying the same oil every time without ever really thinking about it.

“We need to educate people about using the right type of oil and the difference that can make to the way the engine performs.

“We are constantly developing new products to meet the needs of today’s cars and we are very proud of these new releases.”

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Notes for Editors:
Morris Lubricants is a British company that has been manufacturing lubricants in Shrewsbury since 1869. Over 140 years of development has seen the company grow to become one of Europe's leading oil blenders and marketers, with a reputation for quality and service. 
The company offers an extensive range of performance lubricants covering a wide variety of application areas, including many that are specifically designed for motorsport.
This is backed by the highest level of quality control and technical support, together with an experienced customer service team.
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