Morris Lubricants updates formulation for off-highway gear oil
Photo courtesy of Morris Lubricants

Morris Lubricants updates formulation for off-highway gear oil

UK-based Morris Lubricants has updated the formulation for its Terrain LS 80W-90 off-highway gear oil, to meet the demands of limited slip differentials (LSDs) as well as wet (oil-immersed) brake systems in one universal product.

Designed specifically for off-highway vehicle and equipment,, the new Terrain LS 80W-90 is an innovative 2-in-1 universal gear oil. Traditional oil formulations are designed to either protect components against high shock loads or to ensure positive engagement in wet brake systems. The new Terrain LS 80W-90 does both. Its formula combines high levels of extreme pressure protection and optimised frictional performance in a single gear oil.

The new Terrain LS 80W-90 is designed to work in various operating conditions—in particular, where LSDs need to provide balanced power distribution to the wheels in environments where traction may be an issue, such as in deep mud or on loose aggregate. As the drive system detects traction issues, the axles are locked, equalising the power and allowing the vehicle to manoeuvre.  This action creates a high shock load. Gear oils for LSDs are formulated to offer high levels of component protection under these conditions.

The second important performance attribute of the new Terrain LS 80W-90 is its ability to cope with the exacting frictional demands of wet brake systems.  Due to the hard off-highway operating environments, this type of brake system is essential to prevent abrasive contamination that would have a severe impact on the longevity and effectiveness of components.

Terrain LS 80W-90 is formulated using friction modifier chemistry to ensure positive engagement of clutch pack materials.  This enables the system to stop the vehicle smoothly and safely.  ‘Squawk and chatter’, which is associated with the stick/slip of clutch materials resulting in noise and vibration can also be eliminated using Terrain LS 80W-90.

“In the off-highway sector, the gear oil must fulfil a number of demanding jobs, and traditionally, chemistry in the oils used for LSDs and friction modification for wet brakes don’t complement each other,”said  Adrian Hill, technology manager, Morris Lubricants.

“Our new Terrain LS 80LW-90 is capable of these two very different jobs, reducing downtime and providing operators with peace of mind.  With superior shock loading protection and modified friction performance, the Terrain LS 80W-90 can be used throughout the drive axle without compromise.

“In selecting this 2-in-1 universal gear oil, operators can not only reduce stock levels and costs, but also improve component longevity, helping to minimise downtime on site.”

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