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Nexus Fuels and Shell sign supply agreement for pyrolysis liquid

Nexus Fuels and Shell sign supply agreement for pyrolysis liquid
Photo courtesy of Shell

Nexus Fuels LLC and Shell announced a supply agreement for 60,000 tonnes over four years, of pyrolysis liquid made from plastic waste, which is then converted into chemical products. Nexus, a leader in plastic waste molecular recycling, will supply fully circular, ISCC Plus-certified products from its plant in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.

This enhanced collaboration follows a year of continuous, high-quality supply to Shell’s chemical plant in Norco, Louisiana, U.S.A., where it has been used in the liquid cracker to make chemicals that are the raw materials for everyday items. The new agreement builds on that success and on a common desire to find solutions to plastic waste pollution and progressing a low-carbon future. It is a next step towards Shell’s ambition to use one million tonnes of plastic waste a year in its global chemical plants by 2025.

“We appreciate Shell’s support of Nexus to convert waste plastics to virgin-molecule feedstocks and back into chemical products. Their teams have been great partners and share our philosophy and vision for improving our environment,” said Jeff Gold, Nexus chief executive officer.

“Real-world, in-plant testing and application is key to proving technologies and scaling up production of chemicals from plastic waste. This new supply agreement with Nexus is built on that solid foundation and is a positive step towards providing our customers with bigger volumes of sustainable, circular chemicals,” said Thomas Casparie, executive vice president of Shell’s global chemicals business.

About Nexus

Nexus, based in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A., is an end-to-end plastics recycling business – an operational, commercially scaled, continuous system. The Nexus Fuels plant in Atlanta is the first multi-polymer pyrolysis operation in the U.S. to receive ISCC Plus certification. Nexus has developed a very efficient system built at low capital cost and without a need for catalysts or post-processing, yielding clean, ISCC Plus on-specification outputs. 

About Shell Chemicals

Shell’s global chemicals business supplies customers with a range of base, intermediate and performance chemicals used to make products that people use every day. These finished products contribute to society’s ability to live, work, care and respond to climate change. For more information, visit www.shell.com/chemicals.