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NLGI launches High-Performance Multiuse grease certification

NLGI launches High-Performance Multiuse grease certification
Photo courtesy of Brugarolas, S.A.

The National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI) announced the official launch of a new High-Performance Multiuse (HPM) Grease Certification.

The well-known NLGI GC-LB Performance Classification has provided an internationally recognised grease specification for grease and bearing manufacturers, users and consumers since 1989. 

Although originally conceived as an automotive chassis and wheel bearing specification, GC-LB is recognised as a mark of quality for grease specifiers. Due to advancements in materials, technologies and applications, NLGI recognises that current applications may be better served by updated specifications. 

NLGI has partnered with the Center of Quality Assurance (CQA) to administer this program. 

The initial focus of HPM is updated specifications for a premium grease that could be used in a variety of bearings and applications which require similar lubricating properties.

The HPM certification include sub-categories with enhanced performance in the following areas:

  • HPM Core Spec
  • HPM Grease Core with enhanced Water Resistance (HPM + WR)
  • HPM Grease Core with enhanced Salt Water Corrosion Resistance (HPM + CR)
  • HPM Grease Core with High Load Carrying Capacity (HPM + HL)
  • HPM Grease Core with enhanced Low Temp Performance (HPM + LT)

Additional specifications will be defined for high temperature and/or long life. Future specification work may include grease for gearboxes, electric motors and other applications.

To find out more information including specification details, webinar recordings, HPM pricing and more, visit www.centerforqa.com.

About NLGI

As a nonprofit trade association founded in 1933 by pioneers of the lubricating grease industry,

NLGI was established with the goal of providing education, scientific and technical information, expert advice, profitable partnerships and a global forum for ideas and innovation. The mission of the organisation is β€œto provide resources relevant to the needs of the global grease


For more information, visit www.NLGI.org.

About CQA 

The Center for Quality Assurance (CQA) has more than 25 years of experience working with industry partners to advance technology through the design, development and administration of specification programs. Its vision is to be the global leader in providing knowledgeable and innovative programs and solutions that will enhance the quality and application of our client’s products and create better experiences for consumers and users.