Oronite's Singapore plant earns Energy Management award
Photo courtesy of Chevron Oronite

Oronite’s Singapore plant earns Energy Management award

Chevron Oronite’s Singapore-based lubricant additives manufacturing facility has been honored with the “Excellence in Energy, Greenhouse Gas Management” award. The accolade, part of the Energy Efficiency National Partnership (EENP) Awards, is bestowed by Singapore’s National Environment Agency (NEA) and celebrates the plant’s significant strides in reducing carbon intensity and enhancing energy management.

The EENP Awards are dedicated to applauding local entities that are proactive in enhancing energy management protocols. The award in question is specifically tailored to honor businesses that have showcased consistent improvement in energy performance and have effectively reduced the carbon footprint of their operations through comprehensive energy policies and programs.

Oronite is aligned with Chevron’s broader vision of transitioning to a lower carbon future. The Singapore Manufacturing Plant (SMP) has been at the forefront of this initiative, implementing approximately 30 projects aimed at energy improvement and carbon intensity reduction between 2019 and 2022. These initiatives have resulted in a 4.5% reduction in the plant’s annual energy consumption and a decrease of 3,700 tonnes of CO2e in carbon emissions. A highlight among these projects is the installation of 275 solar panels on building rooftops, generating an annual 170,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity and reducing carbon emissions by 70 tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) annually.

Keng Yang Lim, the general manager of Manufacturing and Supply Chain for the Asia Pacific Region at Chevron Oronite, emphasised the company’s dedication to fostering an environment that prioritizes energy efficiency. The award underscores Oronite’s ongoing efforts to mitigate the carbon intensity of its operational activities.

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