Palmer Holland is exclusive distributor of Biocea MWF additives
Photo courtesy of Biosynthetic Technologies

Palmer Holland is exclusive distributor of Biocea MWF additives

Biosynthetic® Technologies has teamed up with Palmer Holland to market and promote their line of Biocea metalworking fluid additives with exclusivity for the U.S. metalworking fluid (MWF) market.  

Under the terms of the agreement, Palmer Holland will market, sell, warehouse and support Biosynthetic® Technologies’ Biocea product portfolio of high-performance, renewable, biodegradable, nonbioaccumulative and nontoxic metalworking fluid additives starting April 1, 2021. 

“This agreement with Palmer Holland increases the availability of sustainable metalworking fluid additives across North America, while at the same time expanding Palmer Holland’s impressive product portfolio to include the bio-based metalworking fluid additive category,” said Dr. Matt Kriech, COO at Biosynthetic® Technologies. “We are committed to delivering the highest quality biobased additives and as we expand our global footprint, we will endeavor to put distribution agreements in place that will allow us to meet the needs of our environmentally aware customers, worldwide.” 

“Palmer Holland continuously focuses on bringing new and innovative technologies to our customer base and expanding our current portfolio by providing environmentally-friendly materials for the metalworking fluid market,” said Eric Kielts, business director – Industrial Lubricants at Palmer Holland. “By joining forces with Biosynthetic® Technologies, we can now support the growing needs of our customers in the rapidly growing market of environmentally friendly fluids and additives.”