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Parkland launches fluid analysis program for Ridgeline lubricant

Parkland launches fluid analysis program for Ridgeline lubricant
Photo courtesy of Parkland Corp.

Parkland Corporation has launched the Ridgeline Fluids Analysis program for maintenance professionals. Ridgeline is the lubricant brand of Parkland Corporation, the largest independent operator of retail and commercial/industrial fuels in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean combined, based in Calgary, Canada. It is also a leading convenience store operator. 

The Ridgeline Fluids Analysis program provides a comprehensive analysis of your equipment’s used oil/fluids every time the fluids and lubricants are changed. This provides critical insight into the performance trends of your equipment, as fluid analysis explains the engine’s performance level over time. Going beyond just oil analysis, Ridgeline also offers coolant, fuel and diesel exhaust fluid analysis accessible from a user-friendly app and website.

“Ridgeline prides itself on offering lubricants and fluids that produce exceptional quality, reliability and high performance for your equipment,” said Tom McClary, director of Lubricants and Specialty Products at Parkland. “The Ridgeline Fluids Analysis program adds another pillar of reliability to the Ridgeline brand by giving customers a window into their engine and helping keep small maintenance problems small.”

The fluids analysis program is available in two packages: Base and Summit. Pricing is based on equipment needs and varies by geography. The program is an affordable and important asset to any maintenance program.

Customers can ship four-to-six ounces of the used oil or fluid to the Ridgeline laboratory in a QR code-labeled test tube. The test tube can be tracked and labeled in the app, where results will be shared. Ridgeline’s Fluids Analysis program delivers a time-sensitive 24- to 48-hour turnaround time and provides a quick and accurate trend analysis of more than 25 analytes to detect wear and contamination and determine fluid condition.