PDVSA revives lubricant facility, introduces new lubricant brand
Photo courtesy of PDVSA

PDVSA revives lubricant facility, introduces new lubricant brand

Aceites y Solventes Venezolanos Vassa, S.A., a company under the umbrella of the Corporación Petróleos de Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA) and a subsidiary of PDVSA Industrial, has launched a new lubricant brand, PDVSA VASSA, according to the company’s Instagram account.

The launch follows the reactivation of lubricant production at its facility in Guacara, a city in Carabobo State, Venezuela. The plant started with a production capacity of 3.9 million litres per month, with expectations of constant and progressive growth. The plant has an installed capacity of 7.7 million litres per month, according to José Cleiver, managing director of Aceites y Solventes Venezolanos Vassa.

PDVSA noted the start of the lubricant plant’s operations last month during the visit of Pedro Rafael Tellechea, Venezuela’s Minister of Oil and President of PDVSA, who officiated the launch of PDVSA’s new lubricant brand.

This development is a part of the company’s broader initiative to enhance its production capacity and diversify its product offerings. The reactivation of the lubricant blending plant and the introduction of the new lubricant brand are anticipated to contribute significantly to Venezuela’s economy. They are expected to generate employment, stimulate industrial growth, and position PDVSA as a participant in the global lubricant industry.