Perstorp to make pentaerythritol from renewable feedstocks in India
Photo courtesy of Perstorp

Perstorp to make pentaerythritol from renewable feedstocks in India

Perstorp India announced that it has received an ISCC PLUS certification, a voluntary scheme that is applicable for the bioeconomy and circular economy for food, feed, chemicals, plastics, packaging, textiles and renewable feedstock derived from a process using renewable energy sources, at its new production site in Sayakha. 

Sayakha is a greenfield facility, located in Bharuch District, Gujarat, India, where the Swedish company intends to produce pentaerythritol, including the mass balanced renewable grades of Voxtar™. Based on a traceable mass balance concept, Voxtar™ is designed to reduce the carbon footprint throughout the value chain and to support sustainable sourcing of renewable and recycled raw materials. 

Pentaerythritol, a white crystalline polyhydric alcohol containing four primary hydroxyl groups, are building blocks used to produce alkyd resins, radiation curing monomers, polyurethanes, rosin esters and synthetic lubricants.

The ISCC PLUS certification was issued by Cotecna Inspections India, a testing, inspection and certification firm headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

To get a certification before the start of the production indicates Perstorp’s commitment to reach a high standard of sustainability in the chemical industry.

“We are making ourselves ready for surveillance audit based on our actual operational data after six months, and are proud and happy to be able to provide our customers with certified Pro-products from the very start,” the company said in a statement. 

Production will start this year.