PETRONAS unveils high-performance motorcycle lubricant
Photo courtesy of PETRONAS Lubricants International

PETRONAS unveils high-performance motorcycle lubricant

PETRONAS Lubricants International (PLI) recently unveiled its latest motorcycle lubricant, PETRONAS Sprinta Racing, in its home base Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This new product, featuring Ester and UltraFlex™ technology, promises to enhance engine performance, clutch grip, and gear shifting for bikers.

The new motorcycle lubricant was launched on November 11, 2023. It will be distributed in stages at authorised workshops and PETRONAS Stations across Malaysia. The recommended retail price per litre is RM76 (USD16.32) in West Malaysia and RM77 (USD16.54) in East Malaysia.

The product, developed at PLI’s Global Research and Technology Centre in Turin, Italy, is designed to cater to the diverse needs of motorcycle enthusiasts and racers. It boasts a new look and the tagline "Your Way," emphasising its adaptability to various riding styles and conditions.

Khalid Latiff, regional managing director, Asia at PLI, highlighted the product's ability to instantly respond to the demands of modern biking, offering enhanced performance and protection. Zameer Zahur Hussain, CEO of PETRONAS Lubricants Marketing Malaysia, expressed his pride in the product, noting its ability to meet and exceed the high standards of racers and performance enthusiasts.

PETRONAS Sprinta Racing 10W-50, a fully synthetic engine oil, is formulated with a blend of ester base oils and UltraFlex™ technology. It is engineered to meet the complex needs of high-performance superbikes, providing rapid defense and agility. This innovation aligns with PLI's commitment to empowering riders with performance, defense, and care.

The product launch, coinciding with the PETRONAS Grand Prix of Malaysia 2023, signifies a new direction for PLI and its consumers. The new range sets a higher standard for quality and performance, ensuring riders can rely on PETRONAS Sprinta in every aspect of their journey.