PT Papasari is LSI Chemicals' new distributor in Indonesia
Photo courtesy of PT Papasari

PT Papasari is LSI Chemicals’ new distributor in Indonesia

PT Papasari, which is headquartered in Cakung, East Jakarta, is LSI Chemical’s new distributor in Indonesia. PT Papasari, which has offices and distribution facilities in Pontianak, West Kalimantan and Pegangsaan, North Jakarta, has recently signed an agreement to market and distribute the full line of LSI Chemical fuel additives and lubricant additives, as well as Hot Shot’s Secret’s for the automotive aftermarket. 

LSI Chemical offers a full line of specially formulated additives for the downstream oil and gas industry. The Hot Shot’s Secret brand is composed of more than 40 fuel additives, lubricants additives and specialty performance oils for the agriculture, recreational vehicles (RV), powersports, heavy-duty and passenger car transportation.

Ivan Prasodjo, product manager at PT Papasari, will be the main contact for LSI Chemical and Hot Shot’s Secret products. He is also responsible for sales for Schaeffer Oil, FEMCO Oil Drain Plug and Hempel Marine Paint products.

“With over 45 years’ experience selling lubricant related products throughout Indonesia, it is exciting to bring on a company with the most compelling nano products on the market. LSI Chemical offers the opportunity to leverage our existing lubricant business to new markets and Hot Shot’s Secret will become our performance lubricant brand. These two new product lines will fit in seamlessly with our comprehensive oil and lubricant related products,” said Prasodjo.

“We are very excited to work with a company that has already established business in Jakarta and throughout Indonesia, established distribution and compatible lubrication products. I feel confident that this will be a long and mutually beneficial partnership,” said LSI Chemical President Todd Cawley.

Founded in 1975, PT Papasari initially specialized in the sale of construction and electrical installation materials before branching out into automotive-related products in 1990 (PT. Pakita Jaya) and steel in 1994 (Papajaya Agung). Today, PT Papasari has six company divisions and is a distributor of diverse products in Indonesia, including medical equipment, motorcycle ties, steel coils, drain technology products, asphalt, zinc, power tools, etc.