PTT Global Chemical inaugurates U.S. office in Houston, Texas
Photo courtesy of PTT Group

PTT Global Chemical inaugurates U.S. office in Houston, Texas

PTT Group’s chemical flagship operation, known as PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (GC), together with PTT International Trading USA, inaugurated their U.S. office in Houston, Texas, last August 29. The office is located at 3009 Post Oak Blvd., Suite 998, Houston, Texas 77056.

Present at the inauguration were Dr. Kongkrapan Intarajang, CEO and president of PTT Global Chemical, and Pongpun Amornvivat, PTT EVP – International Trading Business Unit.

The opening of this office is another step in implementing the GC Group’s Step Out strategy to seek opportunities to create new business and growth abroad, including growth opportunities in new business segments.

GC’s heritage originated from the merger of several major companies including National Petrochemical Co., Ltd. in February 1984. PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited was registered as a public company limited on October 19, 2011. Since its founding, GC has dedicated itself to being a leader in the chemical industry, combining olefins and aromatics, with refining crude oil and condensates. 

GC is Thailand’s largest integrated petrochemical and refining business and a leading corporation in the Asia-Pacific region, both in size and product variety—from petrochemical, to biochemical as the world’s number one bioplastics producer with more than 34 subsidiaries and joint ventures with manufacturing plants and distributors in 29 countries.

GC is aligned with the Paris Agreement, with clear pathways and investment for its “Together to Net Zero” Roadmap to transition to a low-carbon business. It has established a target to reduce current greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2030 and net-zero emissions by 2050.