January 15, 2021

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Sanyo Chemical concluded an advisory agreement with Hafnium Hafaway

Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd. (Kyoto, Japan; President: Takao Ando) announced today that it concluded an advisory support on new opportunities with Hafnium Hafaway, a global technology consulting firm headquartered in Singapore. This agreement will support and accelerate Sanyo chemical’s co-create business with startup companies aiming to create new business and strengthen existing business.

Hafnium Hafaway is a private equity firm with dedicated coverage of the Specialty Chemicals value chain. The firm’s goal is to source for and identify the optimum commercial opportunity to deliver significant long term sustainable value growth. Hafnium Hafaway enhances corporate value of partner companies through its technology consulting and alliance support with startup companies as well as research institutes.

Sanyo Chemical operates a lot of performance chemicals in various fields, such as toiletries & health, petroleum & automotive, plastic & textiles, information/electronic & construction and others. Hafnium Hafaway has expertise of chemicals and startup valuation function as a venture capital.

Sanyo Chemical regards Hafnium Hafaway having capability to understand its broad and dedicated professional technologies, vision and business concept and identify the best partner for Sanyo Chemical.

Sanyo Chemical is looking to identify new business opportunities aligned to its strategic objectives to support the development of its business, focusing on the following sectors: “Energy & Electronics”, “Biotechnology & Medicine”, “Cosmetics” and “Agriculture & Nutrition”as well as strengthen existing business. Through this agreement, we will create innovations with promising startups that go beyond the existing framework.

About Sanyo Chemical
Sanyo Chemical, established in 1949 in Kyoto, Japan, is a global manufacturer and seller of performance chemicals. Our portfolio of chemicals span a variety of industries and types, all with the aim of creating more safe and environmentally friendlier offerings, improving lives and societies across the world. Beginning as a manufacture of soap and textile agents, we have since diversified their product portfolio to meet the needs of the market. Today, we feature over 3,000 different types of products and have established an international presence. Individuals all around the world rely on our products in their daily lives, from automotive components to daily-use electronics, as well as cosmetics and medical equipment. The four primary components of our business include: “Energy & Electronics”, “Health Care”, “Cosmetics” and “Agriculture & Nutrition”.

About Hafnium Hafaway
Hafnium Hafaway is a chemicals focused private equity firm based in Singapore and was founded in 2017. The firm’s goal is to bring together a group of industry and transaction experts to exploit the growth opportunity for niche European and North American Small and Medium-sized Enterprise specialty chemicals companies in South East Asia. Hafnium Hafaway is identifying companies that have a core specialty based on robust, leading technology and strong cash flow but where there is significant opportunity for further development and growth. Our focus is on identifying the optimum commercial opportunity to deliver significant long term sustainable value growth.

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