Shamrock Joins the Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association (ILMA)

10 September 2012 – Shamrock Shipping and Trading, supplier and distributor of base oils, lubricants and petrochemicals, has now joined the Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association (ILMA). High Quality products and effective quality control procedures are important in our business. We now reconfirm our compliance in terms of products and procedures with internationally recognized standards. Joining ILMA is an important step towards integration into the North and South American professional communities and consolidation of the company’s position in these markets.

We at Shamrock look forward to being part of ILMA and participating in its networking and collaborative efforts to promote the industry’s initiatives. We also hope to play an important role in the future progress of the industry.

ILMA promotes the highest ethical and moral standards of professional conduct in the lubricants industry. ILMA members agree to comply with ILMA’s Code of Ethics that are focused on excellence in manufacturing, environmental protection, health and safety standards, and fairness within communities and in all dealings with other members of the lubricants industry and associated industries.

Shamrock has been a member of the Independent Union of the European Lubricants Industry (UEIL) since 2008. Shamrock operates in accordance with the highest standards of processing, health, safety, environmental protection and business ethics. All Shamrock products are registered in accordance with the REACH legislation, the regulation concerning chemical substances in the EU.

Shamrock Shipping and Trading is a complex service provider with an extensive product portfolio of Group I, II, and III base oils, pale oils, advanced additives, finished lubricants, petroleum and chemical products, strategically located storage and blending assets, and a world-wide transportation and logistics network. Shamrock operates storage facilities in three strategic locations in Europe – Latvia, Belgium and the UK, with a total capacity of 25,000 metric tons. We provide complex and cost-effective solutions, which include sourcing, processing, transporting, storage, blending, financing, and supplying a wide range of chemical products.

For more information, please contact:
Vasily Mikhaylov
Tel: +357 25 875208
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