Shell joins GRC's ElectroSafe® Fluid Partner Program

Shell joins GRC’s ElectroSafe® Fluid Partner Program

Green Revolution Cooling® (GRC®), the global leader in immersion cooling for data centers, announced on December 14 that Shell Lubricants has joined GRC’s newly launched ElectroSafe® Fluid Partner Program. By collaborating with Shell, GRC expands its capability to provide state-of-the-art liquid immersion cooling solutions to meet growing customer use cases and applications.

“We are excited to welcome Shell as the first member of GRC’s ElectroSafe Fluid Partner Program, and we look forward to expanding our mutual advocacy efforts,” said Ben Smith, chief product officer at GRC. “Shell and GRC’s collaboration provides the data center industry with two established players, and the ability to scale globally, while also leveraging key IT OEM partners throughout the data center ecosystem.”

GRC’s ElectroSafe range of liquid coolants provides a broad spectrum of high-performance, earth-friendly, synthetic coolants that have undergone a thorough testing process. Validated ElectroSafe coolants are globally available and have been deployed with GRC immersion cooling systems in 21 countries to date.

GRC’s ElectroSafe Fluid Partner Program provides a platform for collaboration to advance the performance of single-phase immersion cooling fluids. The program enables Shell and GRC to jointly evaluate and gather fluid test data through a proprietary protocol to optimise material compatibility, safety, and thermal performance. This will provide GRC’s customers around the world with an expanded range of trusted fluids for their unique data center requirements.

“Shell is delighted to become a member of GRC’s ElectroSafe Fluid Partner Program,” said Ade Ajala, vice president, Global Key Accounts & New Business, Shell. “As single-phase immersion cooling offers performance, cost, and sustainability benefits driving increased adoption, we believe combining GRC’s advanced cooling systems with Shell’s leading edge immersion cooling chemistry will provide an excellent solution for data centers world-wide.”

Leveraging nearly half a century of expertise in fluid formulation, Shell Immersion Cooling Fluids are designed to maximise the energy efficiency of data servers and IT components. The fluids are based on Shell’s proprietary and fully integrated gas-to-liquids (GTL) technology, backed by five global technology centers that support continued fluid innovation.

In numerous studies, Shell’s fluids have demonstrated superior oxidation stability, lower total acid values to prevent corrosion, improved material compatibility with IT components, and better dielectric properties as compared to other commercially available fluids. Shell Immersion Cooling fluids also provide high initial boiling points and flash points compared to many fluids in the market. This fluid technology is backed by extensive component level material compatibility testing and thermal modeling at Shell’s Technology Centers, a robust quality assurance process, and one of the world’s largest global supply chains.

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