Shell launches SE Asia's first cross-border EV charging network
Photo courtesy of Porsche Asia Pacific

Shell launches SE Asia’s first cross-border EV charging network

Shell and Porsche Asia Pacific have partnered to forward the future of mobility and sustainability to the Southeast Asian region. Electric vehicle (EV) drivers across Malaysia and Singapore can now enjoy smooth, convenient, and reliable road trips with Shell’s new network of 180kW high performance chargers (HPC) at strategic locations.

“I am proud to launch the first Southeast Asia’s first cross-border 180kW high performance charging (HPC) network today together with our strategic partner Porsche,” says Lee Ming Seow, vice president/GM Mobility, Malaysia & Singapore.

The latest HPC station in Tangkak, Johor, marks the start of a total of 12 charge points at six Shell stations strategically located along Malaysia’s North-South highways, which will spread across the entire Peninsular Malaysia, beginning in Singapore and ending in Tangkak, Johor.

Shell said it will continue to expand its charging stations in commercial establishments and shopping malls in key market centers.

“This will not only provide EV drivers with a worry-free trip, but it also exemplifies our efforts to become a key enabler for the e-mobility journey,” Shell said in its website.