Shell Malaysia unveils compact 18-litre pail for popular engine oil
Photo courtesy of Shell Malaysia

Shell Malaysia unveils compact 18-litre pail for popular engine oil

Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd expands its product lineup with the introduction of an 18-litre pail for the sought-after Shell Rimula R4X heavy-duty engine oil. This addition offers an alternative size, joining the existing 209-litre drum, 20-litre pail, 5-litre pail, and 1-litre pack, catering to the diverse requirements of customers.

Nyon Kam Yew, general manager of Shell Lubricants for Malaysia and Singapore, explained that the new 18-litre pail is designed to minimise waste and offer a cost-effective solution to users. This compact packaging has garnered positive reception in Vietnam and Thailand, marking its anticipated acceptance in the Malaysian market for its convenience and affordability.

Engineered with Shell’s cutting-edge Dynamic Protection technology, the Shell Rimula R4X is esteemed by owners and operators of small to medium-sized trucks and heavy machinery for its triple protection features. These include enhanced acid and corrosion control, offering up to 50% improved protection, wear control exceeding the API CI-4 specification, and up to 50% enhanced deposit control ensuring engine cleanliness and efficiency.

While mineral oils like Shell Rimula R4X constitute approximately 89% of Malaysia’s heavy-duty engine oil market, Shell is amplifying efforts to promote the advantages of synthetic oils. The company is dedicated to debunking misconceptions around the effectiveness and price of synthetic oils. Evidence from extensive trials with transport and logistics sectors underscores the superior wear protection and extended oil drain intervals offered by Shell Rimula’s synthetic range, equating to reduced total ownership costs.

The synthetic technology heavy-duty engine oil, Shell Rimula R4 Plus, is highlighted as a cost-effective alternative for fleet owners aiming to mitigate their vehicles’ carbon emissions.