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Shell unveils E-transmission fluid for new Mahindra Formula E racing car

Shell unveils E-transmission fluid for new Mahindra Formula E racing car
Photo courtesy of Shell

Shell has formulated a specialised E-transmission fluid for Mahindra Racing’s M7Electro race car, which was unveiled at a virtual event ahead of the seventh Formula E season. Shell scientists have collaborated with Mahindra and ZF R&D teams, who have developed a new electric drivetrain and transmission for the new M7Electro racing car. This specialised fluid enhances the efficiency of the transmission. And, in turn, this efficiency helps to improve the car’s performance on the racetrack.

Shell joined Mahindra Racing as a sponsor of their Formula E programme in December 2018 and this forms part of a wide-ranging co-operation between Shell and Mahindra. Shell manufactures, distributes and markets lubricants for Mahindra’s automotive and agricultural divisions in India. In addition, lubricants scientists from the Shell Bangalore Technology Centre are working alongside Mahindra’s R&D team to develop new lubricant solutions that will offer stronger fuel economy for Indian motorists.

“In Mahindra, Shell has found a true collaborator, who also wants to work towards delivering a lower carbon future,” said Selda Gunsel, vice president, Global Commercial Technology, Shell. “We both see the Formula E racetrack as the ultimate test bed to drive electric vehicle innovation. Innovation that can then go on to improve passenger electric vehicles. In the world of racing, ensuring the optimal operation of the racing car’s transmission is vital to the car’s performance on the track. And that is why we have developed this specialised e-Transmission fluid for the M7Electro.”

“The partnership with Shell provides us with a significant and diverse opportunity to cater to the customer’s needs with energy efficiency and sustainability at the core of the solution,” said Vinod Sahay, chief purchase officer, Auto and Farm Sectors, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. “We are working together on a collaborative R&D model to co-create platforms at M&M that will delight our customers and provide an unparalleled motoring experience.”

“Formula E provides the kind of collaborative ecosystem and platform that the world needs today to keep making the EV technology more and more sophisticated. There could not be a better partner for Mahindra Racing than Shell in this journey. The e-transmission fluid technology provides solid energy management and performance support to our race car and we are eager to get on to the racetrack to demonstrate this best-in-class innovation. With that said, as a part of our race to road program will continue to drive similar collaborations with Shell,” said Dilbagh Gill, CEO and team principal, Mahindra Racing.

Shell’s specialised E-Fluids portfolio supports battery electric (BEV) as well as fuel cell electric (FCEV) powertrains for passenger and commercial vehicles. Once added to the sealed environments of BEV or FCEV vehicles, the fluids need to perform at optimum levels over the vehicle’s lifetime so first fill with the best performing fluids is key. Shell uses  gas-to-liquid (GTL) base oil technology for the Shell E-fluids portfolio. Shell E-Fluids have been developed to meet the specific electric drivetrain challenges of temperature control, oxidation, copper erosion and thermal conductivity.