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SK Lubricants launches ultra-low viscosity diesel engine oils

SK Lubricants launches ultra-low viscosity diesel engine oils
Photo courtesy of SK Lubricants

SK Lubricants, a subsidiary of SK Innovation, has launched two ultra-low viscosity diesel engine oils, a first in South Korea.  SK Lubricants claims these products can help reduce carbon emissions and increase the fuel efficiency of commercial vehicles. 

Released on December 15, these products are SK ZIC X9000 5W-30 and SK ZIC X7000 10W-30 CK-4.

Since March, SK Lubricants has been collaborating with Hanjin, South Koreaโ€™s global logistics company, to study the carbon reduction and fuel efficiency improvement effects of these new products versus conventional lubricants.

Using a delivery vehicle operated by Hanjin, the test confirmed that fuel efficiency and carbon emissions can be reduced when using these ultra-low viscosity diesel engine oils, said SK Lubricants.

In particular, the average fuel efficiency of the truck using the new product (SK ZIC X9000 5W-30) was about 3% higher than when using the existing product (SK ZIC 15W-40 CJ-4).  SK Lubricants estimates that an 11-ton freight truck travelling 130,000 kilometers (km) per year can save as much as KRW1.15 million (USD965) in annual fuel costs by using SK ZIC X9000 5W-30. Further, SK Lubricants said that depending on the vehicle, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by up to 2.8 tons per year. SK ZIC X9000 5W-30 has received approval from global automakers, including Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Volvo, and Renault.

Another new product (SK ZIC X7000 10W-30 CK-4) meets the API CK-4 diesel engine oil specification. This product has shown improved fuel efficiency by about 2.5% in a test conducted in collaboration with Hanjin. In addition, based on a 25-ton tractor, it has been shown to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 1.4 tons per year.

โ€œWe will continue to develop ultra-low viscosity lubricants that are excellent in reducing carbon emissions and establish ourselves as a representative eco-friendly company in the lubricant industry,โ€ said SK Lubricants President Cha Gyu-tak.