Slicker Recycling honored with Servicesure Autocentre's top award
Photo courtesy of Servicesure Autocentre

Slicker Recycling honored with Servicesure Autocentre’s top award

Slicker Recycling, a leading oil and waste recycling company in the UK, has been recognised with the 2023 Servicesure Autocentre ‘Supplier of the Year’ Award. The accolade was presented in Warwickshire, acknowledging the company’s exceptional service to the UK’s premier network of independent garages.

Based in the Midlands, Slicker Recycling processes more than 80 million litres of used lubricating oil each year. The award comes as a testament to the firm’s six-year successful collaboration with the network, comprising 600 independent garages across the UK.

Throughout this partnership, Slicker Recycling has consistently delivered eco-friendly waste management solutions for Servicesure members. Their efficient methods have resulted in an annual carbon emissions reduction of up to 100,000 kg, while also optimising waste management expenses.

Sean Thorpe, national sales manager at Slicker Recycling, expressed his gratitude, stating, “Receiving an award that acknowledges our sustained commitment is truly an honor. We’re proud to support the Servicesure Autocentre network by not only offering top-notch used oil collection but also by promoting a carbon-efficient approach that aligns with the circular economy. Our hazardous waste management solutions are in line with the globally recognised waste hierarchy, emphasising recycling and reuse.”

The award was accepted by Sophie Blackburn and Mike Parker of Slicker Recycling’s New Business team during the ceremony at Coventry’s iconic Coombe Abbey. Paul Dineen, GSF Group’s Head of Garage Programmes, and actor Shaun Williamson from EastEnders presented the award.