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Texaco and Finke Mineralölwerk expand lubricant distribution in Germany

Texaco and Finke Mineralölwerk expand lubricant distribution in Germany
Photo courtesy of Finke Mineralolwerk

Texaco, under the Chevron umbrella, has solidified its partnership with Finke Mineralölwerk GmbH to enhance the distribution of its lubricant products across Germany. 

The collaboration between Texaco and Finke Mineralölwerk builds upon an existing relationship since 2018, where Finke distributed Texaco’s HDAX brand gas engine oils alongside its own lubricant offerings.

The expanded partnership now encompasses the entirety of Texaco’s lubricant product range, ensuring a broader reach within the German market. Jürgen Ulmer, Chevron Germany’s managing director, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Our collaboration with Finke has been fruitful over the past five years. This expansion is a strategic move to bolster Texaco’s footprint in Germany, Europe’s premier lubricants market.”

Thomas Hinze, managing director of Finke Mineralölwerk GmbH, echoed this sentiment. He emphasised the value of partnering with a global lubricant powerhouse like Texaco, noting, “Our association with Texaco not only grants us access to top-tier products but also leverages their expertise in product innovation and regulatory compliance. This synergy is bound to resonate well with our clientele.”

Texaco’s product suite spans a wide spectrum, catering to both automotive and commercial sectors. Their offerings include lubricants and coolants tailored for vehicles, construction machinery, and industrial applications in domains like power generation, marine, and agriculture. With a European legacy spanning over a century, Texaco’s lubricants are marketed under renowned brands such as Texaco®, Havoline®, Delo®, HDAX®, Vartech®, and Techron®. Chevron acquired Texaco in 2001. 

Finke Mineralölwerk GmbH, a subsidiary of Hoyer, will spearhead the distribution of Texaco’s products. Operating from its main base in Visselhövede, Finke will leverage its network of approximately 70 regional sales offices scattered across Germany to ensure widespread distribution.