Triumph launches premium lubricants range with Fuchs Silkolene
Photo courtesy of Triumph

Triumph launches premium lubricants range with Fuchs Silkolene

Iconic British motorcycle maker Triumph announced an exclusive partnership with lubricants specialist Fuchs Silkolene on February 1, 2024.

The collaboration will see the launch of Triumph Performance Lubricants, a new line of ester-based oils and maintenance products optimized for Triumph’s bikes.

Created by Triumph’s engineering team and Fuchs, the synthetic formulations deliver enhanced power, protection and reliability across riding conditions.

All new Triumph bikes will now come pre-filled with the bespoke lubricants. The products will also sponsor Triumphโ€™s 2024 motocross racing campaigns.

“This will help deliver an even better customer service and maintenance experience,โ€ said Triumph CEO Nick Bloor. He added that the Fuchs Silkolene range will be the only lubricants recommended by Triumph dealers.

The Triumph Performance Lubricants range featuring oils, brake fluids, cleaners and more will roll out to dealers in the UK, Europe and North America this spring.