Valvoline Cummins targets double-digit market share in India
Photo courtesy of Valvoline

Valvoline Cummins targets double-digit market share in India

Valvoline Cummins, a joint venture established in India in 1998 between lubricant company Valvoline International Inc. USA and Cummins India Ltd, aims to achieve double-digit market share growth in India over the next five years, reports The Hindu.

“Presently, our brand ranks among the top three foreign lubricant brands in India, boasting a high single-digit market share. The positive reception of our new product range propels our goal of achieving a double-digit market share in the upcoming five years,” said Sandeep Kalia, managing director of Valvoline Cummins Private Ltd. 

Valvoline Cummins, which recently celebrated its 25th year anniversary, is focused on leveraging its cutting-edge products for the Indian demographic. Kalia further elaborated, “When Cummins designs a product, Valvoline ensures the availability of accompanying lubricants, fluids, and eco-friendly solutions. This synergy epitomises our drive for innovation and unwavering commitment to exceptional product and service delivery.”

Highlighting their dedication to India’s automotive sector and its advancement, Kalia said, “We are poised for several more years of product innovation, enriched partnerships, and furthering our overarching mission: to inspire and facilitate global progress.”

Michelle Brewin, vice president of Asia Pacific at Valvoline Global Operations, remarked on the company’s growth trajectory. “Our shared vision led our Indian joint venture to start strong, offering compelling value to our clientele. Within just 10 years, we emerged as one of the fastest-evolving multinational brands in India.”

Brewin accentuated the collaborative efforts of both companies, especially during the transition phases from India’s emission standards, from Bharat Stage (BS) 3, to BS4 and subsequently to BS6 technologies. 

“These collaborative efforts resulted in pioneering initiatives in the Indian market, solidifying Valvoline’s position among the top three lubricant giants,” she added.

Valvoline Cummins’ product suite in India encompasses engine oils, gear oils, radiator coolants, and brake fluids tailored for engines crafted by various original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).