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Versalis appoints Adriano Alfani new chief executive officer

Adriano Alfani
Photo courtesy of Versalis

The Board of Directors of Versalis, which is owned by Eni and operates in the chemical sector, has appointed Adriano Alfani as the company’s new chief executive officer starting January 1, 2021. 

Daniele Ferrari, the previous Versalis CEO, left the company at the end of December 2020.

The Board of Directors also approved the delegated powers to be assigned to the chairman and the new CEO starting from the same date.

“I am pleased and honoured to start a new journey as CEO of Versalis as of January 1st, 2021. I feel a strong responsibility to lead this great Italian chemical company in a delicate and tough historical moment like the one we are experiencing,” Alfani posted on his LinkedIn account.

Alfani joins Versalis with 20 years of experience in the international chemical industry, having operated in large, important and complex markets, and holding several international roles at senior global business director and senior global strategy director levels. Alfani started his career at EniChem after working at Dow since 2001, where he adopted a business model based on innovation, circular economy and sustainability principles.

Versalis is Eni’s chemical company operating globally in the basic and intermediate chemical sectors, plastics, rubbers and renewable sources chemistry. With a total production of around 8 million tons in 2019, Versalis markets and works towards developing chemical products in its five business areas: intermediates, polyethylene, styrenics, elastomers, and  biotech.

As part of a wider Eni strategy, for Versalis, circularity is a decisive factor from an integrated and synergistic perspective ranging from use of resources and processes up to product life cycles. The three pillars of Versalis strategy for the circular economy, strictly connected with innovation, take into consideration the whole life cycle and include eco-design, feedstock diversification and recycling of polymers.

In the Asia-Pacific area, Versalis has a subsidiary in Shanghai, Versalis Pacific Trading, as well as in Mumbai, India, and in Singapore. In the same area, with the LVE joint venture, set up with the South Korean company Lotte Chemical, Versalis aims to promote development of the elastomer business.

Versalis also has offices in Houston, Texas, U.S.A., to boost, through its subsidiary Versalis Americas, its business in the local market, in particular in the field of elastomers. In Ghana and Congo, and in the Middle East through VPM, a joint venture with Mazrui Energy Services, Versalis plays an active role in the oil & gas sector with its portfolio of products for the petroleum extraction and production industry.