Volvo standardizes electric vehicle naming, enhances hybrids
Photo courtesy of Volvo Cars

Volvo standardizes electric vehicle naming, enhances hybrids

Volvo Cars announced on February 20th it is simplifying naming across electric models as the shift toward full electrification by 2030 accelerates. It is also rolling out hybrid upgrades along with performance increases for EVs.

The XC40 Recharge and C40 Recharge are now branded as the EX40 SUV and EC40 coupe-style crossover, matching the existing EX30, EX90 and EM90 sedans. Only internal combustion XC40 variants retain that nameplate.

EVs made up 16% of Volvo’s 2023 global sales, up 70% year-over-year. Five battery electric models hit roads this year with more coming. The aligned, intuitive badges help guide consumer choices.

“By streamlining trailblazing EVs with future portfolio, we ease selection as we continue electrifying,” said Chief Commercial Officer Bjรถrn Annwall.

In available markets, EX40 and EC40 Twin Motor variants also get a paid 25 kW output boost upgrade via software improving acceleration. Hybrid Recharge models now simply carry T6 or T8 power suffixes without Recharge badging.

Volvo also introduced Black Edition stylish limited variants of the EX40, EC40 and XC40 lineup, expanding options among strong sellers. As examples, the EX40 SUV provides over 570 km real-world range on a charge.

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Volvo Cars aims to deliver personal sustainable freedom of movement. Publicly traded, Volvo sold over 700,000 vehicles globally in 2023 while doubling full EV sales as it charts a complete shift toward electric mobility this decade.