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WD-40® introduces the Precision Pen

WD-40® introduces the Precision Pen
Photo courtesy of WD-40

WD-40® Brand has unveiled its latest innovation, the WD-40® Precision Pen. The Precision Pen is a compact and portable tool designed to deliver the Original WD-40 Formula with pinpoint accuracy. It’s an ideal solution for projects requiring precision, the company said.

“Our users expressed the need for a product that is both portable and precise. The Precision Pen is our answer to that challenge. It’s the perfect addition to any toolbox, providing absolute control and ensuring our Original WD-40 Formula is applied exactly where needed,” said Erin Bala, Senior Brand and Innovation director, at San Diego, California, U.S.-based WD-40 Company.

The Precision Pen offers versatility with more than 1,000 uses, including stopping squeaks, protecting against corrosion, loosening rusted parts, freeing sticky mechanisms, and driving out moisture. Its pocket-sized design makes it a handy tool for quick fixes.

The WD-40 Precision Pen is now available on Amazon and will soon be available at leading retailers nationwide. 

For more information, visit wd40.com/products/precision-pen.