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YPF S.A. contracts DuPont Clean Technologies for IsoTherming® Hydrotreating Technology

For clean fuel production capacity increases and low sulfur diesel output


WILMINGTON, Del., Sept. 13, 2018 – Argentine energy company YPF S.A. has signed a contract with DuPont Clean Technologies for the license and basic engineering of a new IsoTherming®Diesel Hydrotreater Unit. The grassroots hydrotreater will be installed at the YPF Plaza Huincul refinery in Neuquen Province, Argentina. The oil refinery is located in Patagonia and produces gasoline, diesel, jet fuels and methanol. It processes more than 4,000 mof oil per day. Earlier in the year, YPF announced that it would be leading a process between 2018 and 2022 to increase hydrocarbon production and comply with the latest fuel specifications to be adopted on Jan. 1, 2022.

IsoTherming® Diesel Hydrotreaters enable refiners to produce high-quality, low-sulfur fuels that comply with increasingly stringent environmental requirements, but at lower energy consumption rates and operating costs than trickle bed hydroprocessing units. The IsoTherming®technology is commercially proven to process a wide range of feedstocks, from kerosene to vacuum gas oil, including 100 percent light cycle oil. The units are designed to provide refiners with a consistent saving on utilities in the magnitude of 30-60 percent compared to trickle bed technologies and the potential of 30 percent capital cost savings or more.

Ramiro Gonzalez, Latin America business development manager, DuPont Clean Technologies said, “The IsoTherming® Diesel Hydrotreater for YPF provides an extremely low capital cost solution with the ability to produce ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) with no reactor recycle pump.  The elimination of the reactor recycle pump results in a unique ability to upgrade diesel to ULSD with minimum plot space and capital expense. This allows YPF to process 1,632 m3/day (10,265 BPSD) of diesel feed to produce clean diesel fuel with a sulfur content below 10 wppm.”

Startup of the IsoTherming® Diesel Hydrotreater at the Plaza Huincul site is expected to take place by 2022.

About YPF

YPF is the main energy company in Argentina. It is an integrated energy company that generates a varied offer: natural gas, electricity, renewables, fuels, petrochemical inputs, lubricants and agro products, among others. It has more than 1500 gas stations that allow the supply of the country. www.ypf.com.

About DuPont Clean Technologies

The DuPont Clean Technologies division applies real-world experience, history of innovation, problem-solving success and strong brands to help organizations operate safely and with the highest level of performance, reliability, energy efficiency and environmental integrity. The Clean Technologies portfolio includes STRATCO®alkylation technology for production of clean, high-octane gasoline; IsoTherming® hydroprocessing technology for desulfurization of motor fuels; MECS® sulfuric acid production and regeneration technologies; BELCO® air quality control systems for FCC flue gas scrubbing and other refinery scrubbing applications; MECS®DynaWave® technology for additional scrubbing solutions; and a comprehensive suite of aftermarket service and solutions offerings. Learn more about DuPont Clean Technologies at www.cleantechnologies.dupont.com.

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