Zeller+Gmelin adds six aftermarket additives to its line-up
Photo courtesy of Zeller+Gmelin

Zeller+Gmelin adds six aftermarket additives to its line-up

Zeller+Gmelin, a lubricant manufacturer based in Eislingen, Germany has launched six high-performance aftermarket additives.

“Our  additives protect the engine from malfunction and many components such as the  exhaust tract, and after-treatment systems such as the particle filter, radiator, engine,  etc. from wear and offer more safety,” said Andreas Krapf, product manager,  Automotive/Car Special Products at Zeller+Gmelin.

New in Zeller+Gmelin’s additive product line is Divinol System Booster for petrol engines, an octane booster, which can increase the octane number by 2-4 RON (research octane number)  depending on your fuel’s quality. In addition, the injection system is lubricated, which  improves engine performance and reduces fuel consumption. 

Divinol Leak Stop Motor provides a seal for engines with slight leaks due to old and  hardened rubber seals. Divinol Leak Stop Radiator helps against leaks in the cooling circuit. In  vehicles with water-cooled engines, it seals small cracks in the cooling system, for  example in seals and hose materials as well as in the cylinder head, water pump or  heat exchanger, thus preventing the loss of cooling water. 

For cleaning water-based cooling circuits, Zeller+Gmelin has introduced Divinol System Cleaner Radiator. The additive can be added to the old cooling water; after the heater has been running warm for half an hour at idle, the cooling system  is cleaned. 

Divinol System Cleaner Motor is a new “optimisation” additive for cleaning the  engine oil circuit. Due to the specific combination of active ingredients, deposits, oil  sludge and residues such as oil carbon and soot are dissolved and dispersed in the  engine. 

For the gearbox, Zeller+Gmelin has launched Divinol System Cleaner Gearbox. The chemical cleaner is added directly to the gearbox oil and is used for automatic transmissions as well as other transmissions in cars and  commercial vehicles. 

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