Zeller+Gmelin introduces alternative to lithium grease
Photo courtesy of Zeller+Gmelin

Zeller+Gmelin introduces alternative to lithium grease

Many companies use lithium hydroxide as a raw material to thicken their greases.  Lithium greases are suitable for a wide range of temperature and load  conditions and can therefore be used in many technical applications. With nearly a 70% market share, lithium soap has been used widely as a grease thickener for decades.

However, due to the increased demand for lithium-ion  batteries, lithium is also becoming attractive for other industries such as the  electrical or automotive sectors. The e-mobility trend is creating a real hype for  lithium hydroxide, so sharp price increases and depleted supply chains are anticipated.

“Of course, this market change has not gone unnoticed by us,” said Christian  Stapper, product manager, Lubricating Greases, Zeller+Gmelin, a lubricant manufacturer based in Esslingen, Germany. “As a  sustainability-oriented company, we see now as the right time to offer lithium-free  greases to the market.”

Zeller+Gmelin has launched a lithium-free grease developed entirely with calcium soap. Divinol Multipurpose Grease Ca 2 will serve as a high-performance alternative to the proven Divinol  Multipurpose Grease 2. This multipurpose  grease offers a temperature application range of -30 to +120 °C and is designed to lubricate roller and plain bearings subjected to normal thermal and  mechanical loads in machines of all kinds, blowers, pumps, presses, calendars etc.  

“Our laboratory team is constantly researching alternative thickening technologies  and is currently optimising the use of calcium soap,” Stapper said.  “Based on this lithium-free thickener, we are developing new, high-quality lubricating  greases that are suitable for demanding rolling bearing applications, among others.”  

Calcium soap grease offers reliable wear and corrosion protection and is also resistant to water and oxidation, the company said.