Fuel system cleaner
Photo courtesy of Zeller+Gmelin

Zeller+Gmelin launches additives to keep fuel systems clean

Eislingen, Germany-based lubricant manufacturer  Zeller+Gmelin has introduced three new fuel additives to keep engines clean.

Divinol System Cleaner Petrol is used to keep the entire fuel system of a petrol engine clean, from the tank to the combustion chamber. The cleaning additive dissolves hardened impurities and deposits, thus ensuring permanent component  care. In this way, the fuel system cleaner enables clean engine running, fuel savings and optimized emission values, as well as avoid expensive repairs in the  long-term when used regularly. The additive keeps the engine clean, causing it to  consume less petrol and burn fuel cleaner.

Divinol System Cleaner Diesel is a sustainable fuel additive for cleaning  the complete fuel system in diesel vehicles. In particular, oil carbon and soot as well  as other hardened impurities and deposits are dissolved; the lubrication of the  injection pumps is ensured and thus permanent component care is provided. 

“Our  new Divinol System Cleaner Diesel ensures clean engine running, diesel savings  and optimized emission values,” said Zeller+Gmelin Product Manager Andreas Krapf.

Divinol System Cleaner DPF is an exhaust system cleaner that keeps the entire exhaust  tract, including the particulate filter, clean and optimizes emission values. In  particular, problematic components such as the EGR valve and the particulate filter are cleaned, thus ensuring permanent component care. 

Krapf said the  reduction in the number of cylinders reduces the running  smoothness of engines and thus increases the mechanical stress on smaller engines  and components, making engines and components more vulnerable. In addition,  every combustion process in the engine leaves behind tiny particles. Deposits that become lodged in combustion chambers, on fuel injectors, valves, etc. 

“As a result,  the performance and efficiency of the entire fuel system continuously decreases,”  says Krapf, citing one of the main problems of downsizing. It not only  affects engine performance, but also increases fuel consumption, more soot, and thus increased pollutant emissions.

The only remedy  for the problem of deposit and residue formation is regular cleaning of the fuel and  engine system with additives, he said.