Sky Dragon

Founded in 1999, Sky Dragon Chemtech Enterprise Co was originated from former Sino Marine (Guangzhou)Lube and Fuel supply co, after years of development, leaded by Chairman Dr.Huang Yixuan who served 20 years in USA additive company and Sinopec technical consultant, we restructured this company to a mainly private company professional PRODUCER for lubricant additives as well as OEM finished lubricants, greases, Rubber and paper chemicals in the past 20 years.

With years of effort, we have developed to be a leading producer for lubricant additives as well as business partners with major government enterprises in China and Asian countries. We are Petrochina additive authorized agent and partner, meanwhile, we have jointly developed unique advanced technology with USA consultant for the qualified high end cost effective products, with OEM confidential agreement with internationals brand additive players in the past years.

We are group companies and have one fully subsidiary factory, and Co-sharing three brother companies and OEM mills in different cities in China for producing different additives, aiming to save cost and run swiftly with clear responsibility allocations.  We have 20 to 30 pct shares ownership in all OEM production mills. We are a result oriented company, silently devoted to partners and associates. All of our managers and consultants have more than 15 years working experience in the state owned and leading private additive companies in China.

In 2018, we are delighted to have Mr.Richard Di, who served nearly 10 years in RICHFUL Additive as export director, join back Sky dragon, and become the current managing director. 

We also have subsidiaries or partners in HONG KONG ,Singapore, UAE, USA etc for processing commercial work, we are aiming to be flexible in business and serve overseas customers with qualified products and competitive prices. 

Sky Dragon business activities covers not only petrochemicals in China, but also international procurement and sales, domestic sales, warehousing, logistics as well as providing professional OEM solution. in the past years, we have developed many loyal and trusted business partners in the world ,our main products are as below:

——Lubricant Additives: 


2. Packages: Lubricant additive packages SC/CC to SP/CJ; Industrial additive packages

——Lubricants grease and additives.

——Coating, paint, rubber, plastics and adhesives chemicals.

3. Raw materials :——Base oil dealers (Group II,III, and PAO,ESTERS) 

 —–MEA,DEA,TEA,TEPA,EA300,HABSA,LABSA etc raw materials

4. Paper and Paper Chemicals: 

Dyes, color developer, microcapsule, PAC, PAM, ODB2, BON, thermal Paper POS rolls, sticker paper etc. packaging paper ,air column bag, bubble bag, gourd bubble fim, air pillow bag ,envelope bag etc paper and PP package materials etc.

With years of international experience,  we have built up a dynamic, professional produce and sales team, well experienced in both domestic and international marketing, we welcome friends from abroad and develop toward a bright future.

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