Fluitec provides boost to hydraulic fluid life

Fluitec International announced the release of BOOST AW, a fluid enhancement product that will extend the life of hydraulic fluids. This new product is aimed at the manufacturing, injection molding, marine and mining industries.

BOOST AW will essentially help reduce waste and downtime for applications of critical equipment using hydraulic oil. The primary reason for fluid failure is oxidation, causing varnish formation and equipment failure. Increased thermal load causes oil to form harmful varnish and deposits. Valves stick, heat exchangers malfunction and system efficiency are impaired.

Boost AW is a tailored additive designed to upgrade hydraulic oil formulations to a premium antioxidant and anti-wear system. BOOST AW enables hydraulic oil to withstand the thermal loads of most hydraulic applications while protecting equipment, according to Fluitec. Boost AW also increases the life of the oil, extending the time before fluid failure and deposit formation, the company added.

BOOST AW is the latest addition to Fluitec’s Fluid Enhancement product line, which also includes BOOST AO for turbine and compressor oils and BOOST VR for lubrication systems. All three contribute to Fluitec’s Fill-for-Life mission, the company said.