Fluitec unveils new look
Photo courtesy of Fluitec

Fluitec unveils new look

Fluitec, a world leader in industrial lubricants and hydraulic fluid technology, is celebrating their 25th anniversary with a new strategic rebranding.  

The clean image blends an invigorating appeal of both shape and style, but more importantly, it embodies Fluitec’s refreshed philosophy as it positions to meet the challenges and opportunities for the next decade. The logo is ingeniously supported by three bed-rock designates that make-up Fluitec: Measure, Consult, and Treat. 

“This new logo does a great job at not only representing our vision but also emphasizes our efficiency which grants us the unique ability to change, or meet the change, whether it’s new technologies, products, markets… even societal. We are certainly not the same company we were yesterday, and that’s a good thing,” said  Greg Livingstone, chief innovation officer.

“For 25-years, the enterprising growth created by Fluitec has had a positive economic impact on both clients and industry. But what is most important for Fluitec is that these efficiencies have resulted in a cleaner environment with tangible results found in lower CO2 emissions, energy usage and reduced waste,” he added.

Founded in 1995 in Belgium, Fluitec has offices in the U.S.A., Netherlands, Singapore and Australia and is a key player in several industries: Oil and Gas, Power Gen, Manufacturing, Marine and Chemicals. It currently has technology deployed in more than 100 countries across  five continents. 

Fluitec is an innovative company consisting of international experts with a mission for a cleaner world through Fill-4-Life fluids, transforming the way businesses think about their lubricants and fluids: as assets instead of consumables.

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