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Asian Lubricant Manufacturers Association gets endorsement from ILMA

A voice for Asian lubricant manufacturers on the global stage is long overdue. Thus, the announcement of an Asian Lubricant Manufacturers Union (ALMU), by F&L Asia Ltd. CEO Vicky Villena-Denton, at F+L Week 2017 received widespread support from lubricant industry representatives. In particular, Ron Powell, ILMA’s past president and international liaison, formally endorsed ALMU during his speech at the appreciation dinner.

ALMU represents the combined knowledge and expertise of lubricant manufacturers throughout the Asian region. “Encouraging collaboration from lubricant companies will more effectively advance our collective interests,” Denton says.

F+L Week is attended by leading independent lubricant manufacturers, national oil companies and major oil companies. She took the opportunity to outline ALMU’s plans for advancement to prospective members of the organisation.

The current focus of ALMU is on confirming appropriate headquarters, with Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand all currently under consideration. Defining an organisational structure that reflects the evolving needs of members, and forming the initial steering committee should be completed by 2017 after which, the focus will turn to membership services. During her announcement, Denton advised industry stakeholders that membership applications will be available later this year.

A strong value proposition for members includes the development and implementation of education and communication initiatives, a well-constructed networking environment, acting as a ‘clearing house’ for the distribution of technical knowledge, while also representing member interests in industry wide issues. The communication program and calendar of activities will kick off mid to late 2018, with an exhibition planned for November 2018 in Kuala Lumpur.

To find out more about ALMU or to register for ongoing updates, visit their website: http://www.asianlubricantmanufacturers.org/