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Responding to efficiency and local market needs in China

The drive to low carbon is resulting in more and more advances in producing efficient hardware and lube technology. However, these new technologies still need to take into account local market conditions and provide efficiency while maintaining real-world durability, otherwise the benefits are not realized by end users.

In China API GL- 5 is the dominant automotive gear lubricant used in commercial vehicles and a recent survey among commercial vehicle service stations showed that most use API GL-5 fluid in both the manual transmission and axles, resulting in a high level of seal and synchronizer failure. These failures adversely affect vehicle life and performance and also has a negative effect on the efficiency and reliability of the end users business.

The market was demanding a solution where one fluid could meet the need of both axle and manual transmission.

This paper presents the development of new gear oil package providing extraordinary performance beyond typical API GL-5 requirements. They are:

  • ย Dynamic seal compatibility
  • Thermal stability
  • Synchronizer durability

Those features enable the vehicles to run more efficiently and with better protection. And vehicle operators gain valuable benefits in reducing downtime and extending equipment life.