FPT Industrial and PETRONAS launch co-branded lubricants in Europe
Photo courtesy of PETRONAS Lubricants International

FPT Industrial and PETRONAS launch co-branded lubricants in Europe

FPT Industrial and PETRONAS Lubricants International (PLI) have introduced a new co-branded range of fluids specifically designed for marine, on-road, off-road, and power-generating engines and vehicles. The PLI-FPT co-branded range will be available in Europe starting in June.

FPT Industrial, a brand of Iveco Group, specialises in designing, producing, and selling powertrains for on- and off-road vehicles, marine, and power generation applications. With more than 8,000 employees across 11 production sites and 10 R&D centres globally, FPT Industrial is a world leader in industrial powertrains and solutions.

The new product line leverages the combined expertise of FPT Industrial and PLI, the global lubricants manufacturing and marketing arm of Malaysia’s state-owned oil and gas company PETRONAS. This range caters to a wide array of applications, from boats, yachts, and cruise ships to trucks, heavy machinery, and power generators. Key features include temperature control across seasons, reduced friction, and comprehensive cleaning and protection.

Giuseppe Pedretti, EMEA regional managing director at PETRONAS Lubricants International, expressed his excitement about the collaboration. “We are proud to introduce the PLI-FPT Industrial co-branded product range, a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation and providing tangible solutions for all applications,” he said.

Sergio Carpentiere, vice president of Customer Service & Digital at FPT Industrial, highlighted the importance of maintaining exceptional engine performance. “With this new launch in collaboration with PETRONAS Lubricants International, we want to provide our customers with the right tools to maintain this exceptional performance over time and guarantee a full complete product offering for the engine life,” Carpentiere stated.

Product Specifications

The co-branded product range includes three meticulously crafted lubricants, each designed to meet specific engine requirements:

  • Off-Road & Marine Engine Oil 15W-40: Mineral oil base
  • Premium Off-Road & Marine Engine Oil 10W-40: Semi-synthetic oil base
  • Premium On-Road Engine Oil 5W-30: Advanced synthetic technology oil base

Available in 20-litre canisters or 200-litre drums, these products are engineered to enhance engine durability, extend service life, and maximise uptime and fuel efficiency. The lubricants undergo rigorous testing on FPT Industrial engines, ensuring they meet high standards for performance and durability.