FUCHS and L.B. Foster expand rail partnership globally
Photo courtesy of FUCHS

FUCHS and L.B. Foster expand rail partnership globally

FUCHS LUBRICANTS CO., a leading independent lubricant manufacturer, and L.B. Foster Company, a global rail and infrastructure solutions provider, have announced the expansion of their strategic partnership to rail markets in South America, Australia, and China. Their original strategic partnership was announced in December 2022.

L.B. Foster, headquartered in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., provides rail, construction, and energy markets with innovative solutions to build and maintain their critical infrastructure. FUCHS is a global company based in Mannheim, Germany, that develops, produces, and distributes more than 10,000 lubricants and related services with industry-specific solutions for demanding applications.

The partnership combines FUCHS’s manufacturing capabilities and world-class lubrication solutions for railway traffic with L.B. Foster’s renowned expertise in the development and implementation of railroad friction management technologies. 

The collaboration leverages FUCHS’ expertise in lubrication solutions for railway traffic and L.B. Foster’s pioneering work in railroad friction management technologies. FUCHS offers a wide range of lubricants tailored for specific industry needs, while L.B. Foster provides comprehensive friction management solutions, notably their Total Friction Management® (TFM) approach. This method allows L.B. Foster to collaborate with global railroads, delivering optimised friction management programs.

Together, the two companies aim to innovate in the realm of friction management lubricants, promising significant savings through reduced rail and wheel wear, enhanced operational efficiency, and heightened safety. This partnership also aims to boost the production of co-branded greases in international growth regions, while also catering to the rising demands in North America.

“This extended partnership is a testament to our shared commitment to the rail industry. Our collaboration with the experts at L.B. Foster Friction Management will undoubtedly enhance the value of friction modification in railways. Our mutual values of trust, respect, and innovation drive this partnership forward,” said Stefan Fuchs, CEO of FUCHS Group.

John Kasel, CEO of L.B. Foster, added, “Collaborating with FUCHS allows us to combine our engineering expertise with their lubricant manufacturing prowess, offering unparalleled solutions to the global rail sector.”